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Services Research

Service research helps businesses understand how they could improve their service offerings and exceed customer expectations.


How could your customer service be assessed
at various points of sale & contact points?

What are your customers` expectations and
what future changes could be expected?

How do you compare with main market rivals?

How could your customer service standards be
assessed and what could be improved?

How well do you meet your own customer service standards?

What is your customers` experience at the points of sale?

What are your customers` decision-making factors?

How satisfied your customers are with your service (Kano analysis)?

How likely are they to recommend your service (Net Promoter Score-NPS)?

What is the effect of your proactivity on the target group?

What could be improved in your sales approach (sale approach analyzes)?


Improvement of the customer service quality
Implementation of functional customer service standards
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How we do it?

Every business case is different that is why we do not use templates. We are driven by our curiosity and desire to understand every project in details.