Point Of Sale Research

Point of sale research focuses on customers’ psychology, how they feel and why they take particular actions.


Is your brand well distributed among the wide network of chains 
(brand distribution assessment)?

Is your merchandising approach effective and what could be improved?

How well is your store organized?

How well is your product organized on the shelf?

Is there any merchandising issues
(lack of products, untidy products, damaged packaging etc.)?

What is your consumers’ behavior and experience while shopping 
(online and offline)?

How your customers react in different purchase situations?

How your customers make their purchase 
(spontaneous, impulse buying or planned)?

What factors affect the consumers’ choice 
(on a conscious and subconscious level)?

What is the path of your customers to and within the store 
(POS journey mapping)?

How often customers buy your brand (share of brand purchases)?

Are your communication stimuli available and effective at the POS?

How your customers perceive your promo materials 
(promotional material & activities testing)?


Devising tools for stimulating impulsive purchases
Effective merchandising decisions
Compelling effect in the points of sale
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How we do it?

Every business case is different that is why we do not use templates. We are driven by our curiosity and desire to understand every project in details.