Employee Research

    Employee research provides knowledge on employees` satisfaction, engagement, attrition, stress and desire to go to work.


    How your employees` assess your organizational culture and climate,
    internal communications, inter- and cross-team relations,
    clarity of the job descriptions and roles?

    What are their fears and barriers?

    What is the level of your employees` motivation?

    What is the level of your employees` commitment?

    What are the factors that could influence motivation and
    commitment levels and how they could be improved?

    How susceptible are your employees to head hunting?

    How your employees perceive their “ideal” job and workplace?

    How your employees perceive the "ideal” employer?

    What examples for successful approaches could be generated for you?

    What problematic areas could be identified and how they could be improved?

    What is your reputation as an employer (employer branding – employer image)?


    Improvement of the image of the employer brand
    Improvement of the motivation and commitment of employees
    Improvement of the work environment and teamwork
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    How we do it?

    Every business case is different that is why we do not use templates. We are driven by our curiosity and desire to understand every project in details.