Pricing Research

Pricing research helps you make informed pricing strategy for you and keep it competitive over time.


What is your customers’ price sensitivity?

How consumers perceive your current prices and what is your potential
for price change (low, optimal and high price)?

How would your customers respond to price changes?

What are the ranges of acceptable prices?

How are your product prices compared to main rivals (price checks)?

What is the psychological effect of prices at the points of sales?

How your customers react to different promotional activities?

How your customers react to different price and promotional stimuli?

How your customers perceive different options for discounts and
promotions (discount concept test) (effect on sales, profits, brand image and relations with retailers and wholesalers)?


Devising tools for stimulating sales without the need for promotions
Optimization of the price policy
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How we do it?

Every business case is different that is why we do not use templates. We are driven by our curiosity and desire to understand every project in details.