Researchers :

Researchers are the backbone of any research agency. They are those who carry out much of the work- develop research programs and tools, organize and supervise data collection, input and process data, prepare reports, draw conclusions and formulate recommendations based on the data analysis for each client individually. In this sense it is required extremely responsible and precise work as well as broad knowledge of popular and special computer programs.

Field employees:

Field employees are those who carry out the fieldwork- they conduct interviews or surveys in accordance with predetermined sampling procedures. In this connection it is necessary to have responsible, accurate and timely execution of the assigned tasks.



Internship program:

The internship program of Pragmatica is a part of the policy, which the company holds, to support young and talented people. Traditionally, each year, the agency allows a number of candidates become familiar with the specifics of the work in a research agency by organizing summer internships. Internships are intended to the greatest degree for students who meet the requirements of the agency and are willing to acquire new knowledge.

Criteria for participation in the program:
  • Excellent computer skills- MS Office is obligatory;
  • Very good level of at least one foreign language- spoken and written;
  • Interest in the field of marketing research;
  • Motivation for improvement and clearly defined interest in further realization;
  • Pragmatica does not require applicants to have previous professional experience.
How to apply

Applicants who are willing to participate in the internship program of Pragmatica, need to send a CV and a cover letter to present themselves and describe why they wish to complete an internship in a research agency.
Those who have interest must send the above- mentioned apply documents as an e-mail attachment to or at the following address: Sofia 1680, Blvd. Belite Brezi, Hajdushka gora Str. 48-52 Pragmatica Agency.